Holding grudges

PsychCentral has a great blog post on the topic of holding grudges.  Many people experience situations in which they’re hurt by others and feel unable to forgive.  Even after receiving a sincere apology, they feel unable to move forward in the relationship.  More often than not, the person this hurts the most is YOU.  The anger festers and eats away at you like a cancer.  It causes anxiety and interferes in your daily happiness. 

One key note that the PsychCentral blog makes and that I want to emphasize:  This discussion excludes those who feel unable to forgive someone who has abused them.  That’s an entirely different conversation, as an abuse victim has no obligation to forgive the person who hurt him/her.

As you read this, think about your own life.  Has there been someone who hurt you?  Has that person apologized (and was it a genuine apology)?  Have you been able to forgive the person and move forward in the relationship?  If not, what’s holding you back?  Are you holding a grudge or is it that you’ve decided the relationship can’t be saved?