Is Your Marriage Headed for Divorce?

I’ve gotten a lot of inquiries lately from people seeking either marriage/couples counseling or individual counseling with a distressed marriage as the focus.  Relationships are always an issue in therapy, so I was happy to run into this blog:  6 Signs Your Marriage Could Be Heading to Divorce.  If your marriage isn’t in the best place, then read this.  It might be time to start doing things differently and possibly seek the help of a therapist.  In therapy, you and your partner can identify unhealthy, even damaging, patterns of communication and learn how to replace them with healthier tools.  Issues of trust, spending/budgeting, parenting, sex, and more can also be addressed in a safe and supportive environment.

Additionally, it’s fairly common to get into marriage counseling and discover that one or both partners also need individual therapy.  Doesn’t that make sense, though?  Each person really does need their own time and space to sort out the issues that they brought with them into the marriage (and everyone brings issues into marriage!).  To try and do that during couples counseling sessions would take too much time away from the relationship work itself.  So, don’t hold back from simultaneously diving into your own individual work with your own separate therapist.  (I would advise against the couples counselor doing the individual therapy to avoid a conflict of interest.)  Good luck!

– Kandice